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Sillón amarillo

Rector's Words

Dear students  Parents and Guardians of our Educational Community:


Along with greeting them and  want  a good end to the 2018 school year, I am writing to you in order to encourage you in this process of ending the school year. It has been, without a doubt, a period full of  academic challenges, sports activities, pastoral and sacramental activities. I am convinced that together, as a team with teachers, administrators, education assistants, assistants and directors, we started a tremendous job in  the implementation of curricular innovations and pedagogical programs. Which require an effort from the entire Educational Community. We have been participants and witnesses of the implementation of the AMCO English program from prekindergarten to sixth grade. The incorporation of

mathematics methodology in pre-school and the adaptation of this level to the requirements and needs of the reading and writing program (Matte Method) that we started in first grade. At the same time, the PDN evaluation system was implemented in language and mathematics, whose purpose is to measure the learning of the first and second semester of the current year. We could list a series of actions and changes that we are carrying out to directly impact pedagogical management and thus further improve student results.

In this context, the presence, the commitment of the parents in the routines  of studies, development of the academic work of children and young people, is fundamental. We are convinced of  that the first education comes from home. There values and attitudes, effort and self-improvement are incorporated and favored, the virtues that our Catholic tradition, are taught and sustained fundamentally by the family nucleus in which our children are inserted.

It has been a year of many challenges, the students of the IRFE, achieved outstanding sports recognitions, at a regional, national and international level, which is not minor and positions our beloved institute among the most renowned educational institutions at the national level.

In the spiritual dimension, we are in the sacramental preparation of more than 90 students in confirmation and another similar number in first communion. The first communities of children of the Youth Eucharistic Movement (EYM) were formed, which our chaplain  P. Rene Gaete, together with his team of teachers and lay people, has managed to project successfully. The different pastorals are working inside the school,  materializing the main  emphasis of formation of our students, to be Men of FAITH.

For these reasons, it is that I am addressing the members of the community, in order to strengthen all these lines of work, inviting them to support the presence of the laity in pastoral action. That the Fathers and Mothers encourage their children to develop the community and service dimension of children and young people, as an expression of love for God and the Country.

The month of Mary is celebrated during the period of the year when our fields and gardens are full of flowers, showing the splendor of this land. Plants and flowers  which are dedicated to the Beautiful and Immaculate Virgin. For this reason, we entrust to her the protection and guidance in the path that we take in the education of your children.

An affectionate greeting,


Christian Molina Mera


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