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The outstanding vision of Don Carlos Errázuriz Mena united wills and gathered the support of the Centro Cristiano Foundation to found a quality school in Colchagua that would be an opportunity for Colchagüina families.


This work materializes in 1940, the year the Federico Errázuriz Regional Institute was founded. His name is a recognition of the two members of the Errázuriz family who served as President of the Republic.


The Federico Errázuriz Regional Institute has its roots in the spirit of the founding fathers who, coming from the city of Limburg in Germany, imprinted their pedagogical imprint and excellence that is maintained and will be maintained in the work of this prestigious Institution.

The adaptations of the Dioceses in their geographical territory and the departure of the Pallottine Fathers from this area in 1968, mean that for several years the Institute has the guiding influence and direction of a Priest of the Diocese of Talca, Father Octavio Godoy Reyes. native of the commune of Lolol that imposes a seal of iron discipline. Finally, in the 1980s, a new structuring of the geographical space of the Dioceses, makes Santa Cruz ecclesiastically belong to the Diocese of Rancagua and therefore with the death of the Rector Father Octavio Godoy Reyes, Father Luis Daza assumes the Rectorship Osorio who prints in the Institute a seal of quality and mysticism in the work of progress of this house of studies. From 2006 to 2016, Permanent Deacon Oscar Patricio Reyes González assumed the Rectorship and from 2017 to the present Mr. Cristian Molina Mera assumes the Rectorship, who has sought to sustain the level of excellence achieved by the school and introduce the importance of training in the Institute's work style to lay the foundations for a continuous improvement process.

A true Institutano style has been maintained from the beginning, highlighting, among others, the following characteristics:

- A unique building of great architectural beauty and a physical space of more than 14.5 hectares.
- Teaching that combines high academic demands and solid Christian formation.
- Institutional colors red, black and yellow that are in the building, banner, flag, insignia and other symbols.
- School anthem created by Father José Kulh.
- War band that accompanies institutional parades, from its origins to today.
- Solid academic results and projection of its students to University Education.
- A great offer that addresses student interests and concerns and educates the use of free time, translates into the existence of 37 acles from the sports, artistic, scientific, technological and social civic areas.
- Provides Pre-Basic, Basic and Scientific-Humanistic Secondary Education.

The three pillars on which the educational work of the Federico Errázuriz Regional Institute is sustained are:

- Solid Christian formation.
- High academic demand.
- Free time education developing potentialities and channeling interests.

The Institute is an outstanding school in the Region and in the Country, which allows us to affirm that the IRFE is Educational and Cultural Heritage of Colchagua and the year 2022 finds it celebrating 82 years of life, educating with a seal of quality.

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