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La firma de un contrato

Training Area

Until 2015, the Guidance and Pastoral areas developed their action plans in a localized manner. In that period, the strategic conviction was reached that a process of greater articulation of these two training components was required. During 2016, efforts were made to assume a coordinated work of these  areas incorporating the School Coexistence area. In 2017, the Training area is definitively established with a Director in charge of it, who seeks to deliver guidelines and directives that lead to the achievement of the Ideology and PEI of the Institute.

Angel Orostica (1).jpg

Angel Orostica Contardo

Training Director

Rene Gaete.jpg
José narvaes 2.jpg

Edward Arce

Joseph Narvaez

Strategic Objectives

1° Manage and link the area of Pastoral Care, Orientation,  and School Coexistence, establishing a design that accounts for a formative progression of the school life of IRFE students.


2° Prepare an orientation plan for the Institute, since it is currently attached to the plan proposed by the Ministry of Education, incorporating issues specific to the establishment and its context.


3° Link the actions of the School Coexistence area, Head Teachers  Y  Religion in the formative design that is being worked on.

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