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Program Steps

Educate character, affectivity and sexuality

What is “Pasos UAndes”?

     It is a program of formation of character, affectivity and  sexuality, aimed at developing young people who are free and capable of defining their life project. In addition to that, it recognizes and seeks to relieve the role of fathers and mothers as first educators in the formation of their children. 
The contents and learning objectives present in the program include the axes and learning objectives present in the single list of Guidance learning objectives for each of the courses

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Than  are we looking for?

     Preventively educate students on topics such as emotional education, sexuality education, technology and social networks, school coexistence, substance abuse and peaceful resolution of conflicts, among others.
Students, family, teachers and directors must actively participate in this task.

What are the general objectives?

A) Develop self-determination in the student so that he is the main causal agent of his own life.

B) Develop effective parenting skills in order to strengthen their skills and abilities that will allow them to bond positively with their child and respond appropriately according to the different stages of development.


C) Develop social skills of students that allow them to get involved with the environment in changing social contexts and establish positive relationships of coexistence.

D) Generate a school culture in which all its members are committed and involved in the formation of the character and affectivity of the students.

E) Promote a culture of gender equity that values in the same way the contribution of women and men in the construction of society based on the principle of co-responsibility and complementarity

How to achieve it?

+ Train fathers and mothers with effective educational leadership.

+Train and empower teachers for their work both with students and with parents.

+ Develop the leadership of managers with the aim of empowering teachers in their role, guiding them towards excellence.

  + Develop educational methodologies and instruments suitable for the formation of character and affectivity, by level and by agent.

+ Permeate all the subjects and activities of the school with methodologies and themes for the formation of character and affectivity.


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Step-by-Step Program Contributions

•Puts the family at the center of his work

•Considers the reality and resources of the family

•Accompanies parents and guardians in a general and group manner in the Family Life Project

•It is a character, affectivity and sexuality training program

•The Program is homologated,  MINEDUC orientation program

•It is a program for the promotion of well-being and the prevention of risk behaviors


•Uses active methodologies that favor student participation and discussion in a protected and respectful environment.

Program Features

•The design and  implementation has a common thread

• Knows and considers the work of the school (the spaces established in the establishment are used)

•Promotes fluid communication

•Strengthens interpersonal relationships

•Strengthens social responsibility

•Implements a systemic training program

•Contents of the sessions address various topics of interest to students (intimacy, life project, sexuality, healthy living habits, school coexistence, respect, friendship, among others)

Worked  2020

Students from 1st to 8th grade

•1 weekly class PasosUANDES

•In charge of the cycle counselor

work 2020

Parents and Guardians

Kinder garden

2 training sessions for parents per course at the meeting of parents

1 group counseling per family

1st basic cycle (1st to 4th basic)

3 1-hour training sessions per year at the meeting of parents

1 group counseling per family

2nd basic cycle (5th to 8th)

3 1-hour training sessions per year at the meeting of parents

Teacher Training

•General training for teachers:

•Training Plan 30 hours per year, blended methodology, on topics such as:

Introduction to the formation of character, affectivity and sexuality

Adult education methodology


Active methodologies to

Management Team Training Teachers

Monthly management and evaluation meeting

1 or 2 Leadership Committees at Universidad de los Andes during the year

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