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In adolescence appears the discovery of his "new" personal identity,

a new way of understanding your freedom.

Now, we are no longer the parents who decide for them, but they are the ones who

they must make the decisions and that also includes learn to be wrong.

At the same time, this recently released capacity generates certain anxiety, because

They still haven't fully mastered it.

They can simultaneously make important decisions and get carried away by issues


They are going to build their life project and they also need us, but in a way

new. Therefore, fathers and mothers have to learn with them.

They find themselves in a moment in which new environments appear around them,

new connections, new social networks, a new world that bombards them by


For this reason, we should not prohibit the use of cell phones, but advise them so that

understandThe importance of setting limits.


practice observation


It is very important that we observe them, find out what their concerns are in the networks, what they contribute to them, what their usage habits are...

And, at the same time, realize their possible influence and the concrete way to help them.

If we look back a bit at the use of technology that they have had until obtaining the cell phone, it will help us to configure this information.

routines and habits  that our children practice to acquire autonomy, order and confidence must be included for the use of technology from the moment they begin to use it.

This practice will allow them to have prior training for when they have their cell phone. They will have to learn, as we all do, a that the cell phone does not absorb themBut they will already be aware of it.


Positive consequences of mobile or cell phone use


  • communication with others.

  • Information: news, sports, art, etc.

  • Reading books or content that they like.

  • Access to fashion and music.

  • Take photos.

  • Know places.

  • Acquire culture.

  • Play intelligence and leisure games.


These would be some of the benefits of mobile phone use in adolescents. The only thing they should know and respect are the limits that we have suggested to them and those that they establish for themselves so that it does not become something on which they depend.

In this way, they will become autonomous and free people who will know how to make the right decisions or not, but who will know how to assume their consequences with a device that will allow them to make good use of everything mentioned above as they grow and mature.

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