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At IRFE we study, create and collaborate in
teams thanks to


We simplify collaboration, streamline teaching, and protect your learning environment with Google Workspace for Education. Use Google tools for free* during your time at our institution.

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Changes in storage of your institutional student account

Until Monday, December 19, your institutional student account (ending in will haveunlimited storagefor all Google services, be it Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, or Google Classroom.But starting Tuesday, December 20, your account will have a 15GB storage quota for all of Google. 



Our school uses the services of Google Suite and said company, as of 2022, assigned a limited quota of space to all the Educational Institutions that use its services. Storage space is shared across services:Google Drive, Institutional Mail Gmail and Google Photos.

What will happen if you exceed the storage space?  

To all those who maintain an exceeded storage(more than 15GB), from December 20they will not be able to receive new emails or add new files to Google Drive.ANDFor this reason, we recommend that you back up your files on your computer, on a hard drive or on a flash drive and thus avoid losing your most important data and files. 


If you have questions or suggestions

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