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"Internet Benefits"


The Internet provides a series of possibilities for personal development and for carrying out
many of our daily activities (leisure, work, administrative procedures, etc.). These advantages are
summary in which the network facilitates access to information, communication and entertainment.
It is important that these possibilities are exploited through education.

Internet is a good tool to carry out tasks

minors and allows them new ways de relate and

have fun. In addition, web 2.0 offers them new ways to develop

your creativity. ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)

they add a lot of value to education: son more fun, they are more than

agreement with the way of being of minors and with the society in which 

we live, and with them you can learn more and better. Therefore, it must

promotetheir use to get them to benefit from them.
Some of these advantages are:

  • They encourage creativity: ICTs allow the production of audiovisual creations or texts in a

very simple, which are then easily shared through blogs, social networks or portals to
upload photos or videos.

  • They help with homework: They serve as a source of information and a learning tool.

cooperative with carrying out projects or solving problems in groups.

  • It enables relationships and fun: the network enables social relationships, something that is highly valued by both

boys like, especially, girls: Messenger, social networks or email
are very popular among them since they offer multiple opportunities to meet, share and
have fun.

  • It favors a new way of learning: it allows interactive learning, of great value

to fix numerous concepts and exercise multiple procedures. Another possibility is
experiment with interactive simulations of many natural or man-made realities than before
or reproduced with great difficulty in school laboratories or could not be done due to lack of
resources or their high danger.

In conclusion, the Internet is here to stay. It is our task to use it in a way
positive and, above all, in a way that is beneficial for learning.

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